History Vindicative

Cat 623

The time shall come when history

Will vindicate my life, and see

My future path is future’s past.

When things are understood at last.

If I had known, in coming years,

What would have brought me joy or tears,

What poisons I would taste, and how

Much worse off I would be than now

If I could, would I take more heed?

Dare shift a thought? Undo a deed?

Would changing grant the future I

Would like to have, before I die?

For every choice, one changes path.

And no one knows the aftermath.

What kind of choices can one make

To claim a path with no heart break?

Yet if I do, and find no strife

Might I lack color in my life?

It’s safe, it’s straight, it’s problem-free

But would it bring me ecstasy?

Finding answers takes forever

I’m not so patient nor so clever.

I’ll just live, and let history

Vindicate my own life, for me


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